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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 23, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> in the past, we see a linkage to the global al qaeda. it gained expertise from other organizations including al qaeda. we can guess that they choose the tactics because it was most effective for them in terms of time and preparation. >> would there be negotiations between the two parties at this stage? publicly we are not hearing anything, are we? >> it is difficult. we have contradictory information on the web and in the media.
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it is difficult. we can assume knowing the shabaab tactics in the past, they probably will not injure into negotiations and will try to kill as much people as they can. this is what they were seeking in the past. >> is it the case they might have attached explosive devices to themselves or the hostages? >> this could be the case. we have seen that in the past by other organizations including themselves with suicide attacks in somalia and elsewhere in africa. >> what are your thoughts on how this might be playing out? are these people there to the death? >> yes, unfortunately. they know media from around the world are focused on the situation, so they planned everything for a long siege. this is what we see unfortunately today.
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they are here to stay, unfortunately. >> in terms of assistance from outside, we are hearing unconfirmed reports the israelis and americans have been offering intelligence and help on the ground with the kenyan authorities. would that be likely to be the case? >> there has been longtime cooperation between kenya and israel and kenya in the united states. with the united states, it goes back to the bombing of the u.s. embassy in 1998. they are relying on the expertise and competence of foreign services. it is possible they will call for others to assist in the type of situation that was never seen before in kenya. >> thank you. let's go back to nairobi with
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our correspondent. the latest development out of nairobi, huge plumes of black smoke have been going outside the mall. we saw them running toward the mall interoperation that one media source is saying is being performed by security forces themselves going through the roof. can you confirm that is what is happening? >> i can confirm black smoke is billowing from the building and has been for the last 15 or 20 minutes. as far as running toward the building, i cannot confirm. i am not on that side at the moment. we do have other reports saying that. there is one kenyan media outlets saying the siege is over. that has not been corroborated by other sources we have spoken to.
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it is a fluid situation. i am not certain it is over. >> thank you. standby. we will go back to you. we now go to berlin for another story. it is these stork when of chancellor angela merkel -- the historic win of chancellor angela merkel. she is giving a press conference now. >> a union made up of the cdu and ecu, you have had excellent results. we have improved by 7.7% since 2009. we will have 311 deputies. this result shows the german people have faith in the cdu and
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csu and we will live up to the faith and trust the best we can. this morning, we have had discussions. regional federations have given us their results. their results are excellent as well. our party, union has received a mandate to create this government. government is what we will be working on. germany needs a stable government. this is what we're working on. i said yesterday we were truly a popular party. with the exception of some groups of people, we are the leading party for all social groups. this is what we have to do in the next few years in germany, stand for and represent every
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social class in germany. i would like to come back to the fdp. it was in our coalition in the past. i am sorry it will not be represented in parliament. we have worked together for many years. we will continue to fulfill our responsibilities in parliament until a new government is set up. today the minister of foreign affairs will be going to new york for the united nations general assembly. i have already had contact with the leader of the fdp who has asked me to wait until friday when they will have their own meetings so we can have discussions. cdu and csu will have
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consultations to decide on the steps to follow. i have had contacts with my colleagues and we will continue discussions over the next few days. i would like to thank the leader of our party. the results are excellent. he will talk to you about them. we are delighted because his job was not an easy one. i would like to conclude by thanking all those who have worked so hard within our party to ensure this victory. the secretary-general, the president the house, and all of the volunteers have worked closely with us for the campaign. we have a wonderful team.
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most of it is made up of young people. we will be able to work more closely with the young people to modernize our party and fit in in the future so that young people can work in our party. things have changed over the decades. we have had long discussions about this. we have to prepare for the european parliament elections which will take lace in 2014, but there will also be regional elections for which we have to work. thank you very much. >> ladies and gentlemen i would also like to thank those who have helped us during the campaign. the chancellor has already said so, but i would also like to thank everybody on my own behalf
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and also on behalf of the party. the party has done very well during these elections. of course, chancellor merkel is responsible to a large extent for this and we would like to congratulate her for these results. >> let's rake away from that press conference in berlin by angela merkel, fresh off of her election victory on sunday, to robert parsons. tell us about the feeling of euphoria in berlin this monday morning. >> there is no question cuddu supporters and those of angela merkel are delighted. there was no talk of angela merkel winning anything like this big victory. eight games within a whisker of
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getting a majority in the parliament. the last time it happened was 1967. the margin of victory is astonishing. the question is who will form the next government with her. clearly most of the cards are with her. she says the fdp will be holding talks amongst themselves until friday. what will they have on the party when they come to negotiations with her? >> we heard her say she is open to the coalition talks. she has had contact with the social democrats. what would that kind of coalition mean? >> it would not be the first time we have seen a coalition between the cdu and fdp. in 2009, the parties work together -- were together.
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the two hardee's worked extremely well -- the two parties worked gather extremely well. the feeling is the best option facing the country would be a grand alliance between the two. angela merkel has most of the cards. she has an incredible victory she will want to go for more of the same. they will try to convince her that should be changes at least on the margin. they will be asking for a minimum wage throughout germany. they may make concessions on that. they will be asking for tax increases on the richest part of society to fund social spending. it will be difficult for them to persuade angela merkel to budge from her current position. >> the fdp is facing a dilemma
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with what to do. >> i think it's is fair to say the party is split some are saying we need to do some soul- searching because the results yesterday were not good for germany's second-largest party. we need to be in the opposition to reinvent ourselves and find new blood. then again, this is germany. there is another opinion in the party which is as the second- largest party in germany it has sort of a patriotic duty to take part in the coalition. what history has shown is each time a party entered a coalition as a junior member it always ended up saying in the polls. look between 2005 and 2009, the
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social democrats lost one million votes. look at the junior member of the government. they are not even in parliament. this is unheard of. this is the first time since the second world war that the liberals failed to pass the 5% threshold to be in parliament. being the junior is always an uncomfortable position. the fdp is not sure what they need to do. do we need to stay in the opposition or enter the coalition question mark if we enter the coalition, we want to lay out our conditions. angela merkel is so strong. she has such wonderful results behind her that she will be in a position to negotiate tough and hard. >> thank you. let's go back to nairobi where
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the siege on the mall is still underway. you can see from the latest picture the plumes of black smoke coming out of the mall. we have been getting reports it could be linked to a rescue operation by the kenyan police force. one anonymous source did tell reuters news agency ever going in through the roof. that has yet to be confirmed. the police chief is saying some hostages have been rescued. the operation is still underway. all of this has yet to be confirmed. it does seem there is action going on at the mall this morning. that mall was taken over three days ago by shabaab militants linked to al qaeda. of course -- of horrible situation where 70 people have been killed and 200 more hurt. the hostages are still inside.
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we will be covering this for you as the day goes on on "france 24." stay tuned for the latest developments. stay with us. >> france has won their first basketball title meeting with the when you in the final -- beating lithuania in the final. lithuania had no response with france winning 80-66. >> the journey was unbelievable. i would change nothing. going through the pain, ups and downs, bronze, silver medals
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finally getting the gold is unbelievable. i feel very lucky. i had an unbelievable coaching staff and teammates who believed in me and that we could do it together. today it was maybe our best game as a team, the perfect moment. it means a lot. i am very happy for french sports and french basketball. >> the champions were held at home by monaco in the battle of the big spenders. nice moved to five. >> i think it was a good game. i think we were the better team. after the game it it is easy to talk. we made one mistake.
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we paid for it. we had many chances to score but scored only once. we lost. the season is long. we have to work hard and fight for the championship. >> to be honest, we came here to try to get a good result. maybe we could have left with three points but it was a complicated game. we were trying to adapt to our style. we were strong to the end. >> in the english matches, they thrashed manchester united. he scored a late winner for car diff. they went to the top of the table.
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on sunday, they finally work their winless run of six matches against the champions. the fans were banned from traveling because of recent trouble. the stands were packed with home fans which gave them the next obstacle. seven minutes later, he made two with this shot. they had one just three of their opening six games and were well behind here. it took just two minutes before they added another. it was brilliantly rifled. psv were in the mood for more against their rivals. this completed the 4-0 run. psv remain unbeaten.
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in golf, he produced a stirring finish to secure a second european triumph at the italian open. he added another trophy here with three birdies on four holes. david and steve finished in a share of second after closing rounds of 68. to rugby it will replace the heineken cup and will be called the rugby champions cup. they will quit the heineken cup which they say favors some clubs in the way revenue is shared. in cycling mark cavendish has
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won his stage. it was being marshaled by the sky team. when they reached the five kilometer mark, the sprinters moved to the front. wiggins was the victor finishing 26 seconds ahead. >> shabaab militants have been removed after the attack in nairobi. a homeless man is rewarded for honesty. an italian artist creates 3-d
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illusion drawings of everyday objects. the mujahedin into the mall around noon today and are still inside fighting the infidels inside their own turf. this mess did -- message was posted on the twitter account after their gunmen stormed the shopping center in nairobi on saturday. the terrorist organization did not just use the site to claim responsibility. it said a string of messages trying to justify the massacre in which dozens have died to demand the withdrawal of kenyan troops they have been fighting since 2011. this series of tweets got them expelled from twitter for the third time this year. in january, the account was removed when they posted a picture of a french soldier's dead body after he was killed in
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an attempt to rescue a hostage. every time they are removed, they set up another account under a different name as they appear to have done on sunday to continue communicating by twitter. they make great use of the online tools available to spread propaganda and recruit new members. when the homeless man found a lost package containing over $40,000, he returned to boston police. the owner of the backpack was thrilled. the story has been met with overwhelming reaction from the online community with thousands in all of mr. james and his act of honesty. one american web user was so touched by the homeless man's decency he launched an appeal to
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reward the man by raising money to help him get his life on track. they have already received over $138,000 in donations. mr. james will be given the money to help him off of the streets and into accommodations. this remarkable wave of solidarity for the homeless man is reminiscent of the campaign in february or billy ray cyrus -- harris. instead of keeping the ring that fell into his cup while begging, he returned it to the owner. she launched a campaign to repay him for his honesty and raised over $191,000, enough to start a new life and he has been living happily ever since. the computer security company has released its annual list for the most dangerous celebrities to search for online. in first place is the daughter
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of phil collins. the downloads have a 14% chance of leading to a website that have tested positive for viruses. when the japanese digital artist found graphic software too expensive, he started creating artwork using the software normally used for data calculations. the pieces are inspired by traditional japanese art trade as you can see, there are no numbers or spreadsheets insight. as we can see in this video of him drawing an incredibly realistic note, the highly talented italian artist specializes in 3-d illusion
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paintings of everyday objects. it takes up to five hours to complete each piece, always with stunning results. >> ♪
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